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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Give a gift of Lucky Bamboo

Looking for something unusual, stylistic and contemporary, that will last and also signify good wishes for luck, health and wealth? Lucky Bamboo is now available at the Trillium’s Courtyard Florist.

Straight Lucky Bamboo

Straight Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo plant is a sturdy and hardy plant that adapts well to most any home environment. These plants are very easy to care for! They require very little attention – just make sure they have water to cover their roots and keep them out of direct sunlight. Their strong and sturdy nature lends to their popularity in Feng Shui practices. These plants are said to bring positive ‘Chi’ energy to your home. We all can benefit from that!

Curly Lucky Bamboo

Triple Stalks of Curly Lucky Bamboo Brings 3 kinds of luck: Happiness, Long Life and Wealth

Did you know that the number of stalks in your arrangement has a special meaning? In general, the more stalks the more luck. But certain numbers have different meanings. For example, a gift to a newly married couple might have 2 stalks for a lucky life together. Or you may wish to give 21 stalks, which is a powerful wish for health, longevity and wealth. A 2 stalk gift might also be perfect to congratulate someone on their new job, or could be a boost to the confidence of someone about to take their state bar exam or any important test. Take a look at the following list of Lucky Bamboo meanings. The Trillium’s Courtyard Florist can help you find just the right arrangement of Lucky Bamboo to fit your needs!

1 Bamboo Stalk: Signifies truth and commitment, similar to our custom of giving a single rose

2 Bamboo Stalks: Double Luck or luck to a newly engaged or married couple

3 Bamboo Stalks: Luck in 3 important areas of life:   Health, Wealth and Happiness

Four stalks are never given, as the number four is very unlucky in Asian culture.

5 Bamboo Stalks: Positive energy for Luck for health in these 5 areas of life:  Emotional, intuitive, mental, physical and spiritual

6 Bamboo Stalks: Draws energy and blessings for prosperity and wealth

7 Bamboo Stalks: Seven is a lucky number, and is very lucky for health in relationships

8 Bamboo Stalks: Attracts wealth and Joy. Perfect to send to a business or someone starting their own business.

9 Bamboo Stalks: Signifies harmony and unity. This will make great housewarming gift!

10 Bamboo Stalks: Attracts positive chi for a life that is perfect, happy and lucky in every way.

21 Bamboo Stalks: A very powerful attraction for overall health, happiness, wealth and longevity

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