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We Love Celfie Containers

We are loving these Celfie Containers!  

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Air Plants

Air Plants: Tillandsia An interesting group of plants available at the Trillium’s Courtyard Florist are Tillandsias, which are also known as air plants. These amazing and fun plants grow as epiphytes, which mean they grow without soil attached to other plants. They absorb all of their moisture and nutrients through structures on their leaves called […]

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Lucky Bamboo

Give a gift of Lucky Bamboo Looking for something unusual, stylistic and contemporary, that will last and also signify good wishes for luck, health and wealth? Lucky Bamboo is now available at the Trillium’s Courtyard Florist. The Lucky Bamboo plant is a sturdy and hardy plant that adapts well to most any home environment. These […]

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Save Water, Grow Succulents! Succulents are hot right now! This latest trend using succulents as houseplants, in gardens and in arrangements, including wearable art like corsages, bracelets and headbands is definitely here to stay, and for many good reasons. Being from Buffalo, you may be unfamiliar with these amazing and somewhat unusual plants, probably because […]

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Administrative Professional's Week

Administrative Professional’s

Gifts for Administrative Professional’s Day: Behind every professional are the hard – working and dedicated assistants that keep the office running smoothly. Administrative Professional’s Week, (sometimes known as Secretary’s week) is April 25 – 30. It celebrates all of the support and contributions they have made to keep you and the workplace successful throughout the […]

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In Focus: Tropical Houseplants

At the Trillium, we pride ourselves on having lots of different unique and interesting gifts. Not only do we sell and specialize in cut flowers, we also have many home decor gifts and a variety of indoor houseplants. We offer these all year round for walk-in or delivery and can customize them just for you. […]

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