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Just Because

Bright Idea

We’ve got a Bright Idea gift for Millennials! If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to give to a Millennial, we have a bright idea! Check out these adorable vases available at the Trillium’s Courtyard Florist! Our Bright Idea containers are shaped like light bulbs and are just the thing for a unique gift.   […]

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Thank your Mom on Your Birthday!

So of course we love to show our mother we love them and appreciate them on Mother’s Day, but not only should you show your mother (or mother figure) how you feel all year round, your Birthday is another good chance! The date of your birth represents the day her life changed to begin the […]

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Advice for Men Buying Flowers

Buying flowers can be overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re looking for! Your experienced florist (ahem… us!) is there to help make this process a seamless and enjoyable one. Flowers are a proven way to brighten anyone’s day for any occasion whether it be a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or just because. Here are some […]

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Birth Month Flowers – January – The Carnation

This year, we are highlighting a new flower every month; Birth Month Flowers! The symbolic and legendary meanings of flowers dates back to the Elizabethan era, but it was the Victorians who actually assigned simple messages to individual flowers. Flower Language was Introduced to the Swedish court in 1714 by Charles II, and the Victorian […]

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A Gift for the Unsung Heroes in your life

Do you have a certain teacher in your child’s life that is helpful and considerate all year round? Maybe a neighbor who was able to check on your cat when you were stranded out of town during a snowstorm. The newspaper delivery man or woman who makes it a point to walk back the long […]

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Be a Hero When Someone Is Having a Rough Day

Do you know someone who is having a bad day? Maybe their car wouldn’t start, or the dog chewed a hole in their new carpet, or they didn’t get that job they wanted. It’s hard to see the people we care about having a rough day. We just want to make things a little easier […]

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