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Flower Arrangements

Fall Flowers

Seasonal Fall Flowers for Gift Giving and Decorating This time of year we transition from vivid summer hues to dramatic and comforting autumn tones.  Late summer to Fall flowers such as sunflowers and dahlias maintain a striking presence in cut flower bouquets and vase arrangements. Our most noteworthy fall floral accents are cotton, cattails, broom […]

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We Love Celfie Containers

We are loving these Celfie Containers!  

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Bright Idea

We’ve got a Bright Idea gift for Millennials! If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to give to a Millennial, we have a bright idea! Check out these adorable vases available at the Trillium’s Courtyard Florist! Our Bright Idea containers are shaped like light bulbs and are just the thing for a unique gift.   […]

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Administrative Professional's Week

Administrative Professional’s

Gifts for Administrative Professional’s Day: Behind every professional are the hard – working and dedicated assistants that keep the office running smoothly. Administrative Professional’s Week, (sometimes known as Secretary’s week) is April 25 – 30. It celebrates all of the support and contributions they have made to keep you and the workplace successful throughout the […]

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