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Birth Month Flowers – November – Chrysanthemum

Birth Month Flowers – November – Chrysanthemum


When one thinks of fall, it is hard to overlook Chrysanthemums. They are practically perfect next to your fall gourds and pumpkins on your porch or fireplace and the color varieties that can be found are stunning; lush and sumptuous. Chrysanthemums are highly varied, coming in many shapes and sizes, and the large blooms you often see, especially in cut flowers are the result of quite a unique process.
Let me explain:

22410172848_13ce7d24c5_kMany of the tall, large bloom varieties are a result of a long process of “pinching back” meaning the plant is encouraged to grow tall as opposed to wide. The long stalk is encouraged to grow tall by pinching back lateral stems, shoots and blooms to produce a single stunning flower.

Many varieties bought in the fall are winter hardy and can be planted in the ground to reappear the following fall. The plant will provide green foliage when not in bloom as well, acting as a nice filler in any garden bed.

Chrysanthemums such as “Fuji” Mums are a great way to add a long lasting and colorful bloom to any floral arrangement and the deep purples, oranges, and greens are a great addition for fall color.

In the floral language, Chrysanthemums stand for cheerfulness, love, happiness, laughter, friendship, and compassion. What better time of year than Autumn and Thanksgiving than to express these sentiments and reflect on our past year and our future relationships.

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