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Administrative Professional's

Administrative Professional's Week

Administrative Professional’s

Gifts for Administrative Professional’s Day:

Behind every professional are the hard – working and dedicated assistants that keep the office running smoothly. Administrative Professional’s Week, (sometimes known as Secretary’s week) is April 25 – 30. It celebrates all of the support and contributions they have made to keep you and the workplace successful throughout the year. They also perform many duties outside of their normal job description and are more like your “best friend” at times, as they always have your favorite candy hiding in their desk, your child’s sports schedule memorized so you leave the office on time and ready with a pep talk when that meeting didn’t go nearly as well as you had planned.

Without them, getting through the day would be tough…

flowers for Administrative Professional's Day

Urban Renewal

There is no better way to say “I appreciate all you do” than with flowers from the Trillium’s Courtyard. We have a wide variety of beautiful arrangements that are ideal for any type of workplace, including vase arrangements, dish gardens, flower baskets and planters that will brighten up the day, and their office. We also have unique cards, chocolates and gifts available. So call 716-839-2033,  stop by our shop or visit our website today to say thank you to your Admin for all that they do for you!



Flowering plants for Administrative Professional's Week

Violets and Butterflies

T108-2 Health Nut Basket

Health Nut Basket

T98-1 Imperial Orchid

Phaleonopsis Orchid


Planters and Green Plants

A contemporary styled vase arrangement for Secretaries Day

Gerbera Spirals Vase Arrangement

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